An employment contract can only be modified by an agreement between the employer and an employee (i.e. an employer cannot unilaterally modify an employee`s employment contract without the worker`s agreement). Prevent this by an agreement that prohibits them from transmitting this key information, working for a competitor or taking customers for a reasonable period of time; Make sure you protect yourself before you start working on your projects, so if you decide to work elsewhere, it`s a deterrent to debauchery your stuff. In the event that they violate the agreement, you may seek damages and/or injunctions in order to stop the continuation of the offense. You must receive a written statement about the employment data on or before your first business day. It should be clarified whether the manual and personnel rules are contractual and whether they are part of the employment contract. 9.1 Employees shall not disclose trade secrets or other confidential information related to the University or any of its activities, including those in which the University owes a duty of trust to third parties, during their employment or at any time after the termination of their employment relationship. 11.6 The communication of possible patents, copyrights and designs by employees is carried out through their head of department in the Office of Business Research and Development and the university secretary. When entering into contracts with external bodies on behalf of the university, staff should consult the Registrar and the Research and Enterprise Development Office through its Head of Department. 15.1 Staff agree that the University (or a representative of the University) may process their personal data for the purposes of providing placement services, managing and managing the affairs of the University and enforcing applicable laws, regulations and procedures. For more information on how the university processes the personal data of its staff, see: 9.4 Nothing in this agreement prevents a staff member from making a protected disclosure in accordance with the provisions of the Employment Act 1996.

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