We recommend that you define territorial rights around the world only if you do have global rights. If your rights are more limited, indicate it on your territory if you deliver your music tracks via iTunes Producer. Once any agreement is moved in effect, your titles are automatically displayed in the region where you have accepted agreements and territorial rights. In general, within 24 hours that we have received the necessary information for the agreements, the « Status Aktiv » column is displayed. Note: Only contact information can be updated once the agreements have been signed. Territorial rights indicate the country or region where you have entered into agreements and the rights to sell your music. You can only sell content in countries or regions where you have appropriate agreements and have the right to sell that content. You can change your territorial rights at any time on iTunes Connect to « My Movies, » « My Music » and « Clean Music Videos. » Only certain roles can change chords in iTunes Connect. If you have a director, finance or legal role, you can create and process agreements for your business. Check your role in users and rolls.

If you don`t sign new iTunes agreements when your current contracts expire, all iTunes Store (s) content for expired contract areas will no longer be available. To make your content available in these iTunes Stores, you must apply for a new contract in Dencaus, Taxation and Banking. If all of your current iTunes agreements expire without being renewed, you lose access to the majority of iTunes Connect. You will now receive a menu like the following with your current contracts and agreements. On this screen, you can request the display and acceptance of contracts and agreements using the blue « Demand » button next to the contract or agreement. After verification, you can accept them and submit them to continue. Securities that have been re-transmitted through the account of a third party or aggregator should not be subject to agreements. Note: Although your titles remain on Apple Music and the iTunes Store, the financial relationship between the iTunes Store and your aggregator will be in place.