RENTER`S BONDS 8. The tenant ensures that: (a) the proper caution is with regard to driving and parking the vehicle; b) the water in the radiator and the vehicle`s battery is kept to the right level; c) the oil in the vehicle is kept to the right level; (d) only the type of fuel indicated for the vehicle is used; (e) tyres are held at impeccable pressure; (f) the vehicle is locked and secured at all times if it is not in service and the keys are kept under the tenant`s personal control at all times; (g) the distance recorder or speedometer are not disturbed; (h) no part of the engine, transmission, braking or suspension systems is disturbed; (i) if a warning light is to be lit or the tenant feels that the vehicle requires mechanical attention, the tenant will stop driving and immediately inform the owner; (j) all drivers authorized to use this vehicle during the duration of the rental are aware of and comply with the conditions of the rental contract. and (k) each licensed driver carries his driver`s licence at all times in the vehicle and submits it to any police officer at his request. VEHICLE DESCRIPTION AND RENTAL TIME 1. The owner will rent the motor vehicle and the tenant will take the vehicle whose details are described in the rental document (hereafter referred to as « vehicle ») for the duration of the rental, as stated in the rental document. OTHER INSURANCE 22. The Tenant acknowledges that the non-protector referred to in point 18 above does not apply: (a) to anyone if the driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol or drugs; (b) at a time when the vehicle is in a state of safety or non-compliance resulting from the rental, which causes or contributed to the injury or loss, and when the tenant or driver knew or should have known of the dangerous or unfit condition of the vehicle; (c) at any time in the event of a mechanical failure or failure and/or failure or electrical or electronic failure due to improper use of the vehicle. This exclusion also applies to engine or gearbox damage directly due to mechanical failures or breakdowns, but does not otherwise apply to damage to other parts of the vehicle resulting; (d) at any time when the vehicle is being driven in a race, speed test, reliability test, rally or competition, or on a circuit or rally or, in any case, as pacemaker, or tests in preparation for one of them; (e) at any time when the vehicle is driven by persons who are not designated in the rental document as a person authorized to drive the vehicle (unless the tenant is a business or a ministry of civil registry and the driver is allowed to drive, subject to any other condition in the rental agreement); (f) at any time when the vehicle is being driven by an unauthorized person; (g) at any time when the vehicle is damaged or lost, intentionally or lightly, by the tenant, a designated driver or a person under the control or control of the tenant; (h) at any time when the driver commits a traffic offence during the journey; (i) at any time when the vehicle is loaded or loaded beyond the manufacturer`s specifications; (j) at a time when the vehicle is loaded or unloaded beyond the limits of a passing road and the vehicle driver or attendant is not loaded or unloaded; (k) at any time if the driver does not stop after the accident or remains at the accident site, as required by law; (l) any monetary or punishable penalty imposed for violating a law; (m) the incision, cutting or bursting of a tyre or the damage to a tyre by the existence of brakes; (n) any wear and tear on the vehicle; (o) for liability in case of damage caused by vibration or weight of the vehicle or its load on a bridge or viaduct; any street or something under a road any underground pipe or cable; or any other underground facility, provided that, in these circumstances, the liability limit is $1,000,000; (p) any damage to the vehicle or the property of a third party as a result of these overheads; q) at any time the vehicle was driven on one of the following roads