The Union`s Minister of the Interior, Shri Amit Shah, today presided over the signing of a historic agreement between the Indian government, the government of Assam and Bodo to end the more than 50-year-old Bodo crisis in New Delhi. In addition, a lasting solution has been found to the problem that has claimed the lives of more than 4,000 people in the region. The Minister of the Interior, Amit Shah, said on this occasion that the central government, the Government of Assam and the representative of Bodo have signed this historic agreement. , with 130 weapons. The agreement will give the Community certain political rights and some economic packages. Bodo Peace Agreement in 2020: On his first visit to Assam after signing the Bodo tripartite peace agreement in 2020, Prime Minister Modi announced a package of Rs 1,500-Crore for the Bodo areas of the state. Shri Shah stated, in view of the main features of the agreement, that the objective of the Protocol was to extend the scope and powers of the BTC and to streamline its operation; solve problems related to Bodo people residing outside the territorial districts of Bodoland (BTAD); promoting and protecting Bodo`s social, cultural, linguistic and ethnic identities; providing legal protection of the land rights of tribal members; ensure the rapid development of tribal areas and rehabilitate members of NDFB groups. On 2 January 2020, the EU government signed the historic Bodo peace agreement with the Bodoland National Democratic Front (NDFB), one of Assam`s dangerous militant groups. The All Bodo Student Union (ABSU), which has long called for the Bodo state, also signed the treaty.

इस समझौते को बोडोलैंड टेरिटोरियल (Bodoland region) बीटीआर अकॉर्ड (BTR agreement) है. बता दें कि इससे पहले भी दो समझौते हो चुके हैं लेकिन इस बार के समझौते को एक बड़ा समझौता बताया जा रहा है.