3 9. SELLER`S ADVERTISING; BUYER INVESTIGATION: The seller makes available to the buyer or the buyer`s lawyer, the accountant or another designated representative, within the time limit covered by paragraph 25, the lists of objects or documents or copies of them for the objects examined below. For each item, if any, the seller must indicate whether the item is in possession or leased and whether the seller has property rights or intellectual property rights or restrictions on the item. The purchaser must review, within the time frame covered in paragraph 25, the property made available to the purchaser and take the measure referred to in paragraph 25. Inventory, including in Brands and Advertising Equipment Phone Calls and Fax Machines Furniture, Devices and Other Devices Websites, Names and Addresses Other Personal Property Lists and Catalogs Leasehold Improvements Goodwill Government Licenses and Agreements Does Not Compete Customer Lists Franchises Franchise Agreements Commercial Rights Trade Rights Trade Rights And Brands Employee List and Information Logo Computer And Customer Software Copyright Customers: Payment Plan Services, maintenance and advertising contracts Other commitments: Proposed allocation of the purchase price between assets VAT returns for years to national and national income tax returns for years relating to financial statements for withholding of employment returns for years at SELLERS REPRESENT DAS: (i) THE BOOKS AND ENREGISTREMENTS For the years relating to the annual accounts of the declarations of withholding employment for years of the years with the SALES REPRESENTS, the COMPETENT PUBLIC SERVICES. 10. CONSULTING AND TRAINING: The seller will consult with the buyer to show the methods used by the buyer in the operation of the business. The seller will provide consulting services for a period of days after the closure of Escrow at no cost to the buyer, the services not exceeding the total hours. The seller is not responsible for training the buyer in the basics of running a business of the type that is sold under this agreement, but only to inform the buyer about the nuances defined by the seller to operate this type of business. NOTICE TO BUYERS: IF THEY ARE NOT YET TRAINED IN THIS TYPE OF BUSINESS, IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO SEEK TRAINING. 11.

ACCORD NOT TROP COMPETE (if verified): the seller commits as a substantial part of the consideration of the sale, nor, as contracting entities, representatives, managers, employees, owners, members, associates, shareholders, directors or officers of a company, agent, advisor or other function, operate or operate a business that competes with the company within miles of the company`s current position (or) for a period of one year from the date of the transfer company`s final result. as long as the buyer or successor of the buyer exploits the activity in this area. 12. LEASE: The sale is conditional on the buyer receiving the assignment, new lease, renewal option, sublease or other lease within 21 days of acceptance, as shown below.