Most models of agricultural agreements focus on short durations, defined as one to three years, although this is not always the case. Short-term leases are a good way to have a « trial phase » where you can determine whether the relationship is good or not. File xlsx Use this decision tool to estimate returns to a landowner and tenant under various leases, including cash rent, flexible rent, harvest share or a custom farm contract. Harvest How are the costs of combining, drying, transporting and storing crops shared as part of a lease? When corn drying facilities are part of the rental facility, the owner often makes the dryer and storage facilities available. If the corn drying facility is portable, it can be jointly owned or any party may own it and charge the other party a specified amount for its use. The costs of drying fuel and energy are generally shared in the same proportion as the harvest. In some cases, the tenant is paid for delivery to an elevator or processor by the owner in the warehouse harvest. In short, free farm rental contract models are a great place to start. If you haven`t seen one yet, Iowa State University`s leasing model is a great example of what these documents usually contain. AgDM Decision Tool C2-01, Estimated Returns by Farm Lease Arrangement, can be used to estimate returns to a landowner and tenant under various leases, including cash rent, flexible rental, harvest share or a custom farm contract. Figure 1 shows the share of risk for tenants and landlords based on the type of tenancy agreement. The other aspect is risk management: if you have a problem with your millions of dollars, it could turn out to be a multi-million dollar problem.

For this reason, make sure that your lease has been verified by a lawyer familiar with the agricultural contracts. Harvest insurance and some USDA programs need information on historical yields before a farm can be registered. Landowners must have this information each year in order to make decisions in the future regarding their participation in these programs. Leases include at least five things: use the computer to discuss rental values with landowners to better inform them of the issues on their land and the potential impact on the production and profitability of the operation.