(7) Discuss and agree on all issues related to service contracts. (c) in order to achieve the objective of accelerating liquidation and verification of agreements after their initial notification, agreements are required to meet certain formal requirements. These requirements are intended to ensure a rapid review and to assist the parties in preparing agreements. These formal requirements do not affect the content of an agreement and are intended to give the parties the freedom to develop innovative trade relationships and to implement efficient and economical transport systems. (a) joint shipping agreements. This portion applies to agreements concluded by or between common shipping carriers at: The NZBFAA has indicated that with the advent of NVOCC Negotiated Rate Arrangements (NVOCC Negotiated Rate Arrangements), it is less likely that the NSA will be used in the future. NZBFAA stated that it believed that one of the main obstacles to the substantial use of the NSA process by industry was the perceived need for the Commission to regulate it in the same way as shipping contracts. They also state that these contracts between NVOCCs and their shippers, negotiated privately and individually, must therefore follow the same notification procedures and essential fare procedures as for shipping contracts with their customers. (e) The legal framework established by law has strengthened the Commission`s role as a supervisory agency. The law advocates greater freedom when it comes to allowing parties to develop their trade agreements. However, this requires increased oversight of the agreements once they have become effective, to ensure that they continue to comply with all applicable provisions of the law.

The law empowers the Commission to impose certain registration and reporting obligations. This part mentions the agreements requiring specific retention and reporting to the Commission, as well as the applicable shelf life, the form and content of those reports, and the time frames for submission to the Commission. Only the necessary information is requested to ensure that the Commission`s surveillance missions are carried out. (d) A conference agreement does not require a member proposing independent measures not to participate in a conference meeting, to provide information other than those necessary for the publication of the independent tariff position, or to comply with any other procedure for explaining, justifying or jeopardizing the proposed independent action. (2) Electronic declarations. (i) electronic notifications with the automated contractual customs clearance system must be made in accordance with the instructions on the Commission`s homepage, www.fmc.gov. (a) the Commission conducts a preliminary review of each agreement submitted to determine whether the agreement complies with the requirements of the law and this party and, if so, whether the attached information form is complete or, if it is not complete, whether the defect is properly reported or if it is excused by a waiver granted by the Commission under Article 535.504. 1. Any service contract prior to the removal of a cargo in accordance with this service agreement; and (d) the contracting parties can supplement the information form with additional information or documents that support the Commission`s review of an agreement. (i) one authentic copy and seven other copies of the agreement executed; (c) annex: a document containing additional materials of limited application, annexed to an agreement and significantly different from the main part of the basic agreement.