Where a sales contract is not dissociable and the buyer has accepted the goods or part of the merchandise, or if the contract is for certain goods whose ownership has been transferred to the buyer, the breach of all the conditions to be met by the seller cannot be considered a breach of the guarantee and not as a reason for refusing the goods and processing the contract. , unless there is an explicit or implied contract clause. where a contract for the sale of future property is not consolidated or there is a description and goods of that designation and in a deliverable condition are acquired unconditionally in the contract, either by the seller with the buyer`s agreement or by the buyer with the seller`s consent, the ownership of the resulting goods is handed over to the buyer. This consent may be explicit or implied and may be granted either before or after the budget envelope; A sales contract is a sales contract by survey where there is an express or implied clause in the contract for that purpose. It is the duty of the seller to deliver the goods and the buyer to accept and pay for it according to the terms of the sales contract. In the case of a sample sales contract, there is – There may be a contract for the sale of goods whose acquisition by the seller depends on an eventuality that may or may not occur. If the seller expressly reserves a resale right in the event of a buyer`s delay and the buyer sells the goods late, the original sales contract is revoked, without prejudice to any claims from the seller. The rules of common law, including the trader, continue to apply to the extent that they are inconsistent with the express provisions of this Act and, in particular, those relating to the law of the client and agent, as well as the effects of fraud, misrepresentation, coercion or coercion, error or any other invalid cause on contracts for the sale of goods. The provisions of this section are subject to any use of trade, a particular agreement or the conduct of exchanges between the parties. 31. Delivery in increments. Seller and buyer`s obligations. Payment and delivery prima facie simultaneous conditions.

The delivery rules. Delivery of false quantities or descriptions. Delivery in installments. Delivery to the carrier. Risk if goods are delivered outside the place of sale. The buyer`s right to check the merchandise. acceptance. The buyer is not required to return the refused property. Variation, etc.

of unspoken rights. The weather is reasonable. Fees, etc. can be imposed by measures. Auctions. Savings. A sales contract is a contract by which the seller transfers the goods to the buyer for a money reflection, the so-called price, or agrees to transfer the goods to the buyer. A sales contract becomes a sale if time runs out or if the conditions under which ownership of the goods must be transferred are met. (h) « goods »: any personal tickle, with other goods and money, as well as all emblems, commercial cultures and objects that are related or participate in the country and which must be separated before the sale or as part of the sales contract; In a sales contract means « month » prima facie calendar month.