With your password, you will have access to your Union Bank accounts via EBanking. If you opt for mobile banking, you also have a PIN for your accounts. Union Bank is entitled to follow all instructions it receives with your password/PIN code. For security reasons, it is recommended to remember your password/PIN code and not to write it down. Your password/PIN code can be changed on our EBanking website. You are responsible for the confidentiality of your pin and account password/code data. Your access to EBanking and Mobile Banking may be blocked in case your password/PIN code has been misrepresceded. In this case, please contact the Union Bank Communication Centre at (419) 659-2141. You agree to notify the bank immediately if your access ID and password/PIN code are stolen or compromised by other means. You can ask the bank to disable your access and password/PIN code at any time. The bank is entitled to respond to instructions received through an electronic or mobile banking service with your access ID and password/PIN code without requesting the identity of the person using the access ID and password/PIN.

. Under no circumstances should you disclose your access ID and/or password/PIN by phone, email or any other means to a person, including anyone claiming to represent union Bank. If you give someone your password/PIN, allow that person to use EBanking, Mobile Banking and online services, and you are responsible for all transactions made by those parties with your password/PIN. Union Bank is not responsible for determining the identity of a person or the validity of a transaction. In this agreement, « we, » « we » and « our » Union Bank and « You » and « you » mean any person or entity authorized by this Agreement. This agreement specifies the conditions applicable when using the Union Bank`s online banking service. These conditions apply in addition to those that apply to all accounts you have with us or other services we receive from you. You must also follow all of our instructions and procedures for the services covered by this agreement.

Use the Online Banking Platform Union to perform daily banking tasks such as: The term « business day, » as used in this agreement, means every day except Saturday, Sunday and all public holidays. Information published by Union Bank on the internet may contain links to other websites and third parties may create links to the Union Bank website. The Union Bank will not make a commitment on other websites that you can access from or via this website.