Joint committees of experts, made up of representatives from the EU and the third country concerned (« third parties »), oversee the implementation of the agreements. The EU and the Republic of Azerbaijan signed the Visa Facilitation Agreement in November 2013 and the Readmission Agreement in February 2014. Both agreements came into force in September 2014. The mobility partnership between the two countries was signed in December 2013. The agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Azerbaijan on the facilitation of visa issuance came into force on 1 September 2014 (the so-called « agreement »). The aim of the agreement is to facilitate, on the basis of reciprocity, the procedures for issuing visas for a planned stay of no more than 90 days per 180-day period for citizens of the European Union and the Republic of Azerbaijan. 2. Diplomatic and consular missions of the Member States and the Republic of Azerbaijan would issue a one-year multiple-entry visa to the following categories of citizens, provided that they had obtained at least one visa in the previous year and had used it in accordance with the law on the entry and residence of the State visited. : By derogation from the first sentence, where the need or intention to travel frequently or regularly is clearly limited to a shorter period, the validity of the multiple-entry visa is limited to that period, especially if: while action plans have been drawn up for the liberalisation of the visa regime for Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus , more implementation work is needed to enable travellers to benefit from increased benefits. In 2013, Azerbaijan signed a visa facilitation agreement with the EU, but its visa liberalisation process has not yet begun.

In view of the joint declaration of the East Partnership Summit in Prague on 7 May 2009, which expressed political support for visa liberalisation in a safe environment, the implementation of the visa liberalisation action plans is an important step in extending trade, cultural and other links between partner countries and the EU. , and paves the way for greater and safer mobility between partner countries and the EU. However, in order for visa liberalisation action plans to be implemented, partner countries must first ensure that certain benchmarks are met. In January 2020, the Azerbaijani government announced plans to liberalize the landing rights of foreign airlines and, among other things, measures to end the benefits granted to the national airline.