Another part of the agreement, seen as a setback, was that Kosovo suspended its efforts to join international organizations for a year, as Serbia said it was ready to end the campaign of impeachment against Kosovo`s independence for the same period. The Executive Director of the Belgrade BFPE, Marko Savkovic, told the EWB earlier that the question of whether this agreement was really an international agreement to enable commitments to be made was still under discussion. The issue of ownership is one of the main areas of dispute between the official Belgrade and Pristina. The Washington agreement provides for a solution to the issue of the operation and management of Lake Gazivode/Liqeni i Ujmanit, for which a feasibility study will be carried out. « I think it`s a kind of declaration of will or political commitment to this government, not the next. We`ll see if Biden insists on the Agreement sponsored by Grenell. But there are points that will be interesting for him or for « his people, » Savkovic said, adding that it was unclear how to implement this, and he thinks we should wait for this. The Washington Agreements were signed by Hoti and Vuéiin in two separate copies and with some differences in the signed text. The signatures of the two heads of state and government are therefore not listed together under the same document. This important element has raised doubts among many analysts that the agreement reached under President Trump could be considered a genuine international treaty « We signed a bilateral agreement with the United States on economic cooperation with Pristina, not a trilateral agreement in which Pristina is not mentioned as the subject of international law, » Vucic quoted by local media. However, opposition parties in Kosovo and civil society representatives expressed concern about three important points mentioned in the White House agreement.

The Economic Normalization Agreements of Kosovo and Serbia are a couple of documents in which Kosovo and Serbia have agreed to facilitate economic normalization between them. [1] The documents were signed on 4 September 2020 at the White House, in the presence of US President Donald Trump, by Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti and Serbia President Aleksandar Vuéié. [2] Since Judaism, Christianity and Islam attribute their origins to a common ancestor of Abraham (Ibrahim), the intention of the Trump administration was to convey a set of agreements that not only help to relax relations between the three great monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) but also to find lasting solutions to these decades and even centuries of unresolved questions and quarrels. However, it should not be forgotten that, until the First World War, the Middle East and the Balkans were covered by the same department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, indicating that relations and units in the two regions are similar and interconnected in many respects. Even in international circles, comparisons are made between disputes between Israel-Palestine and Serbia-Albania. The speech by Serbian President Aleksandar Vuéié at the opening of the Office of the International Development Financial Corporation (DFC) in Belgrade illustrates the importance of the agreement signed in Washington and the beginning of a new era of political and economic relations between Serbia and the United States. « This is an important day for us. We have already ended our trade relations with the United States in 1881 and since then we have not had such an important agreement, » Vuéié said, adding: « Serbia will respect the obligations under the agreement signed in Washington on September 4, 2020. Wherever Americans want to invest, the U.S.

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