General brokerage agents may also be part of trading groups that target their specific sectoral priorities, such as the Society of Life Insurance Brokers (SUB) or the National Association of Health Agents (NAHU) for Medicare. Many national associations also have regional, governmental or local chapters. In addition to selling guidelines, many general brokerage agents offer a variety of support services for individual brokers: online applications, request tracking, immediate policy offerings and responses to usage requirements. There are a large number of interprofessional organizations and interest groups that serve general brokerage agents, including the National Association of Financial Advisors and Insurance (NAIFA), National Brokerage Agencies and independent insurance agents and brokers of America. These associations represent the interests of members, provide opportunities for vocational training and promote good industry practices. Typically, a general agent broker can market coverage and services that require specialized knowledge to insure. They benefit both agents and insurers, as it is difficult to find such know-how and it would be more expensive to develop the adequacy in-house. A general real estate agent is an independent company or contractor who works for an insurance company. The main task of a broker is to sell one or more insurance products to selected insurance brokers.

Brokers then sell the policies to their clients. Brokers may specialize in a segment of the insurance industry or sell policies through a wide range of insurance companies. A general brokerage agent also works as an insurance wholesaler with the power to accept and, if necessary, appoint applications from independent agents on behalf of an insurance company. They generally provide insurance and management services on behalf of the insurers they represent. A full-service general brokerage agency can in principle act as the full back office of an independent insurance agent, its support being limited by an agent`s decision to exploit it to its potential. Their main task is to provide an effective, cost-effective and cost-effective opportunity to solve any insurance challenge that an agent prefers not to face alone. General brokerage agents can also provide support for problems that occur during the activity with a client.